The Smooth Chow-Chow - the elegant variety

The Chow-Chow comes in two coat varities: rough and smooth. The smooth requires somewhat less coat care and tolerates the heat better than his rough colleague. Concerning character, you will find calmer and more active individuals among both varieties.

Warnsborn Shi-Kari und Anne v.h. Bossche Front
Warnsborn Shi-Kari und Anne v.h. Bossche Front

The smooth Chow was introduced in Europe at the end of the 19th century, at the same time as his rough counterpart. One standard is used in judging both varieties.

The smooth exists in the same, recognized colors and also has the two layers of coat. The outer coat being short, he can more easily adapt to different climates, in particular, warmer ones.

Parmelia Kuukivi
Parmelia Kuukivi

Even though the smooth Chow has already been nearly extinct, he's always had a small but loyal community of fans, especially in England and the Netherlands.

Due to breeder ambitions, the gap between the smooth and the rough has widened in the course of this century. Of course it is much more difficult to produce a healthy and beautiful smooth, where no faults - such as o-shaped legs, poor joints, hanging ears - can be hidden by coat. All possible weaknesses are out in the open and under tight scrutiny at shows.

A series of smooths were bred and shown after the second World War in England - lots of efforts came from Mr. and Mrs. Burrows (Penhow), who bred the red male "Lung Chao of Penhow", and Mrs. Veldhuis in Holland, who bred his daughter.

Smooth Litter in Austria
In Austria, the actor Walter Reyer and his wife were dedicated smooth Chow enthusiasts. In the 1990ies one smooth litter was born under their affix "Royal von Reyer".

It is a shame that a lot of the genetic material which came from China and England has been lost here on the continent, decreasing the available potential and making it necessary to use rough-coated individuals in breeding programs. Therefore we should encourage and assist the idealists who fear no difficulties in achieving their goal of maintaining this wonderful variety of our great breed. would like to thank Janneke Leunissen-Rooseboom for providing pictures for this article. Janneke's unceasing efforts in the Netherlands have made sure that the smooth Chow is still giving strong signs of life today.

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