The Chow-Chow Portrait

Who am I?


Der Chow-Chow im Portrait - Sihn Jin's ChowMark to ViennaChow
Sihn Jin's ChowMark to ViennaChow (Owner: Gordana Zupanc, SLO)

I'm of course Austrian, but the home of my ancestors lies in East Asia.     

They say I belong to one of the oldest dog breeds in the world and that I'm still an "original" dog ... if you just let me;

an individualist from head to paw, very attentive and watchful, calm and not easily impressed, when it matters. But when I feel like it, I can be very lively!

I'm incorruptible and a bit suspicious of strangers, unless of course my master wants me to be approached.

The Chow-Chow - Dolly

I'm intelligent by nature, but sometimes I have to think things over before I obey. People say I'm a bit obstinate, but I would like you to know that I can be convinced ... with good arguments!

I should be socialized from the first day on, and even though I look completely irresistible as a puppy, I should be taught immediately about good and bad - your tone of voice is enough to give me a hint ... of course, I might still make really sure you meant it!

WANTED: The Chow-Chow In Brief

Body: compact, squarely built, heavy bones

Height: 46-51cm (bitch), 48-56cm(male)

Tail: lies on the back.

Typical expression: Scowl

Tongue: blue-black

Colors: red, black, fawn, blue or cream

Coat: rough or smooth

Characteristic: dignified lady or gentleman, values his/her independence above all !

would like to thank all breeders and owners who contributed their pictures.